Fall/Winter/Spring 2015-2016 Skating Classes


Classes start the first Sunday of each month October – April (NO CLASSES IN January).  Our USARS/RSA Certified Coaches will have you rolling in no time!  Questions? Call us!  (540) 439-3168.   Pre-registration not required.  AGES 6 AND UP.

One Star (Beginner) and Two Star (Advanced)  Classes are $45.00 for a 4-week program and include:

  • Four (4) weekly instruction programs taught by our RSA and USA Roller Sports Certified Professionals
  • Free regular skate rental
  • Free, same-day admission to the 2:00 – 5:00 Sunday Funday skate

Fall/Winter 2015-2016 CLASS START DATES:

October 4th, November 1st, December 6th; January 3rd, February 7th, March 6th, and April 3rd!


One Star:  1:15 – 1:45 pm Sunday Afternoons

In this Entry-level program we present:

  • Starting and stopping
  • Proper fit and care of equipment
  • 2-foot and 1-foot balancing
  • Coast-and-roll game
  • Scissor skating
  • Falling and getting up safely
  • Safety on skates

Two Star: 12:30 – 1:00 pm Sunday Afternoons

In this Advanced-level program we present:

  • Backward skating
  • Forward and Backward Stroking
  • T-Starts and T-Stops
  • Edge mastery
  • Crossovers
  • Shoot-The-Duck/Airplanes
  • Introduction to Jumps, Spins, and turns
  • Successful completion of One Star Class and/or instructor approval needed to enroll.  Quad skates only please.

PRIVATE LESSONS ARE AVAILABLE!  Contact us at (540) 439-3168, or email rollerworksfsc@aol.com for more information.


Want to take your skating to a higher level? Check out our Speed and Artistic Skating Programs!   Practices for both are held weekly.  Upon completion of your Class Programs,  talk to one of our Instructors.  We’ll give you all the information on how to become a part of these exciting, cutting-edge sports!

Contact info:

Artistic Skating  Coach: Kathy Holloway

  • Kathy is a former World Class competitor with over 35 years combined experience competing/coaching; Kathy also holds USARS judges credentials and RSA judges credentials to the Gold Medal level.  She has trained numerous Regional as well as National competitors and champions.
  • email: RollerworksFSC@aol.com

Artistic/Class skating  Coach:  Nicole Wilkes  email:  nwilkes22@hotmail.com


Nicole is a multi-time Regional and National championship contender with numerous skating achievements and titles, and a lifetime of competitive skating experience!   She welcomes you into the Rollerworks Group Classes and the Rollerworks Artistic Club, and will train you to become the best you can be!  Private lessons available – call us at (540) 439-3168, or email rollerworksfsc@aol.com!

Speed Skating – Coach Allen Rector

  • Allen Rector joins Rollerworks Family Skating Center as the speed team coach.   A Marine Corps veteran with the 2nd Recon Battalion, Allen started skating recreationally when he was 8 years old.  He brings many years of experience since beginning his coaching career in 1994 with Team Extreme of Hugo’s.  He credits the military with opening his mind to boundless opportunities.  Rector states, ‘‘The skill set I developed in the Marines has opened many doors, from building a confidence level to knowing what a small cohesive unit can accomplish efficiently in a little time.”He leads the Rollerworks Speed Team by drawing foremost from team-building skills learned as a Marine.  The Speed Team includes many former members of Team Extreme as well as several new and enthusiastic skaters.  In his very first season of coaching, 7 out of 8 of his skaters qualified to compete at the US National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska and finished with a national championship as well as silver and bronze placements and hold current national records.   In 2012, the entire Rollerworks Speed Team qualified to compete at the US National Championships.  Allen himself has multiple regional placements and national top 5 placements as a skater.  He has also served as a representative on the National Board of the U.S.A. Speed Skating Association.  Allen volunteers his time to coach the speed team with the assistance of his wife, Debbie.   They look forward to many successful skating seasons as well as being part of the Rollerworks Family Skating Center family.
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